When Love Fears Not

why live in fear when love fears not while knowing doom of blackened sky begets a light where eagles fly soaring on souls of restless feet never to rest to fend off heat of warfare known to worthy hearts while daggers thrown destruction starts can only win only in thought why live in fear when […]

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Art of Surprise

predictability is the art of surprise . . . © 2009 jarrid schroeder

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WHYNOT creative was founded
on the principal
that convention flourishes
from the sum of extraordinary individuals

we are a national brand
who integrates that individualism
our themes are as unique
as the individuals who wear them
when trends lead in a direction
WHYNOT leads in all directions
our themes allow
an endless distinction of individuality

we applaud personality
encourage independence
then in the midst of those
who ponder why
we proclaim WHYNOT . . .